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Hilda Baci remarks, “I remain a record holder in spirit,” following Alan Fisher’s surpassing of her “cook-a-thon” record.

Nigerian chef Hilda Baci says she remains a Guinness World Record holder in spirit, despite the recent announcement that Irish chef Alan Fisher has claimed the title for the longest cooking marathon saying.

On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, she expressed her belief that she still holds a significant place in history and in her own spirit. This statement was made in response to the official recognition of Alan Fisher’s impressive achievement by the Guinness World Records (GWR).

Earlier this week, GWR published on their official website that Alan Fisher had successfully completed an extraordinary cooking marathon of 119 hours and 57 minutes at his restaurant in Japan, surpassing Hilda Baci’s previous record. Baci, who had proudly highlighted her Guinness World Record holder status in her social media bio, promptly edited her bio after the announcement of Fisher’s new record.

On the other hand, Hilda Baci explained why she had changed her social media bios, stating that she was merely adhering to custom, much as Indian chef Lata had changed hers after breaking a record previous in the year.

Hilda Baci wrote in her blog entry, “Just as Chef Lata respectfully acknowledged the new record holder by updating her bio and later fine-tuning the wording, I’ve adjusted mine too.”

She commended Alan Fisher for his commitment and emphasized the immense effort and hard work it required for him to reach this culinary milestone.

“Achieving such a record is no small feat, and I know this firsthand. I have only the greatest admiration for the hard work it took for Alan to reach such heights. Sportsmanship is about recognizing progress, whether the accolade is in my bio or not. Let’s celebrate achievement and the spirit of competition.”

Meanwhile, as people expressed their concerns through the media, they were informed that the notion that a record only remains valid for a year is incorrect. Fortunately, the Guinness Book of Records officially clarified that such claims are untrue and that a record can be broken immediately after it is set.




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