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Review on The 2025 Mercedes AMG G63, The price and its Specifications

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A mild-hybrid system and a new advanced hydraulic suspension make the best Mercedes-Benz even better.

Some believe Mercedes-Benz is no longer relevant. Both mainstream consumers and enthusiasts are left wondering, “What’s going on in Stuttgart?” due to the company’s dubious design decisions made throughout its electric EQ portfolio and the use of four-cylinder hybrids in place of fire-breathing V-8s. However, there is still hope because the Mercedes-AMG G63 is still in production. Furthermore, it’s superior to previously.

The G63 is evidence that Mercedes remains an industry leader. The SUV’s exterior is almost exactly the same as the type that is leaving, and its twin-turbo V-8 engine remains. Even if the firm had continued to sell the same truck, it would still be the best SUV available right now. However, AMG enhanced the recipe by including a groundbreaking suspension and a mild hybrid system.

You definitely have to know where to look for the few exterior modifications for 2025. New LED headlights and taillights, silver-painted brake callipers, an AMG crest on the hood, and a redesigned grille are all present. That’s all there is to it. The G-Wagen’s greatest modifications are found beneath the surface, as always.

Thankfully, the 4.0-liter eight-cylinder engine, which produces the same 577 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque, is not changing until 2025. The new component, an integrated starter generator (ISG), which adds up to 20 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque when revs are low to aid in forward motion, is located between it and the nine-speed automatic. The combined power from the two sources is said to allow for a 0–60 mph time of just 4.2 seconds, which is 0.3 seconds faster than previously. There is an electronic top speed limit of 137 mph.

In real life, the added flavour is instantly apparent and provides a slight boost as you start out or apply pressure at high speeds. While neither the V-8 nor the nine-speed are sluggish, having that extra degree of electric urgency available gives you more confidence to shoot for that gap or make that pass. The best part is that it doesn’t interfere with the loud V-8 rumbling that we have grown to appreciate.

Not to mention the mild hybrid technology, the G63’s luxurious new suspension is even more striking. The G63’s performance is completely transformed by the new AMG Active Ride Control system, which is exclusive to AMG-branded goods. It improves performance both on and off the road. Traditional sway bars are replaced by a network of connected hydraulic lines that are pressurised by a central motor and are managed by valves on each damper.

When the valves are closed, the G63 may isolate each corner and function separately from the other three. This implies that only that corner will react if you strike a bump with the right front wheel. The remainder of the car is not affected by that motion. When the G63 turns a corner, the valves can also open to connect the system, pressurising the exterior dampers to remove roll. To put it briefly, the technology doesn’t need sacrificing ride comfort for handling.

Although southern France’s mostly glass-smooth roads aren’t exactly the best place to test this kind of suspension, initial impressions are positive. The little lumps I could find were gracefully dealt with. Of course, the G63 is not a Maybach GLS, but it is far more comfortable than the previous model. Although cornering has improved as well, a clever suspension can only go so far in a vehicle with a curb weight of more than two tonnes and a centre of gravity comparable to a skyscraper.

The G-Wagen performs best with AMG Active Ride Control while it is off-road, which is its native environment. With the G63, scaling dangerous barriers is as simple as it has ever been. Since there are no sway bars joining the left and right wheels, each corner’s suspension can move more freely. There is greater traction because the tyres don’t leave the ground as frequently. When triple lockers are added, the G63 becomes just as capable as any off-road vehicle now in existence.Desire to accelerate on dirt? That is also possible with the new G63. As a long-travel rally suspension, AMG Active Ride absorbs enormous bumps and large stones while travelling at a fast pace. It handled enormous potholes and leaps with ease, seeming completely at home on a muddy temporary rally circuit that Mercedes deployed for testing. You can precisely control the amount of roll the suspension delivers while stomping through loose soil thanks to a subsystem known as AMG Active Balance Control. Mercedes even included a seven-mode traction system that allows the driver to select their desired amount of slip. Additionally, everything functions flawlessly.

The G63’s unparalleled visibility and upright driving stance make it simple to know where to park. Benefits of not having a developing beltline or pillars include having a shape that hasn’t altered significantly in 45 years. In order to help with uphill climbing, there is now a feature called “invisible hood” that employs cameras to display what is in front of the nose. Thankfully, the cabin has only received a modest makeover for 2025, keeping the tactile buttons for items like the diff locks and climate control in place. Unfortunately, the company’s touch-sensitive button array has been modified on the steering wheel, making it more difficult and complicated to use.

Apart from that flaw, the 2025 Mercedes-AMG G63 is a rather good car. It maintains its position as the best all-around SUV available today, effortlessly manoeuvring over winding back roads and scaling rugged rock sides. A beautiful duality, but one you will have to pay for.

The 2025 G63’s price has not yet been announced by Mercedes, but since the model from the previous year began at $184,150 with delivery, this one will probably cost much more. Not to mention the available trick suspension, which is a need if you want to do more than just patch potholes on Rodeo Drive.A years-long waitlist proves price isn’t a pain point for buyers, though. If you can afford a new G63, it’s a no-brainer. Every other SUV in this price range isn’t nearly as fun or capable.




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