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Teacher from Tarkwa imprisoned for defiling students; crime and punishment

The Tarkwa Circuit Court has convicted a teacher who defiled a student at Attakrom in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality to eighteen years in prison and hard work.
Benjamine Hanson, the guilty party, entered a not guilty plea to the crime, but following a thorough trial, he was found guilty and given a conviction.
Juliana Essel-Dadzie, the prosecutor, informed the court chaired by Mrs. Hathia Ama Manu that the complainant is the victim’s mother and that they both lived in Nsuaem.
The 13-year-old victim attended a junior high school in NSUAEm, where Hanson was the carrier technology and computering teacher.
She added that the victim paid Hanson a visit at his Attakrom home on Sunday, March 12, 2023.

and they engaged in sexual activity. The victim then went home, but she kept it a secret from others.
The victim paid another visit on Friday, March 31, 2023, but someone who knew the victim’s sister noticed them and told her that Hanson was having an affair with the victim.
The victim’s sister told her parents, according to the prosecution, and the victim responded positively when they confronted her.
The victim’s parents filed a legal complaint against Hanson, had him arrested, and turned him over to the Te NSUaem police.

Superintendent Essel-Dadzie stated that Hanson acknowledged having a sexual relationship with the victim during the investigation and that she accepted his proposal of love.
Following an investigation, the defendant was arraigned and charged with defiling a female under the age of sixteen.



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